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The graphics, design and layout contained within Lindy's Graphics (http://www.lindysgraphics.net), with the exception of noted images and certain link graphics, are © variously from 1998-2012 by Melinda Hoehn, all rights reserved. Commercial and non-profit organization users seeking an express, non-exclusive license to use images, backgrounds and buttons contained within this site, please contact Melinda Hoehn at lindy@lindysgraphics.net for information.

The following are the terms for free use of the images contained within this website in its entirety (hereinafter known as "The Work" or "my work") for building a personal website:

  1. The work contained in this package may be used in the creation of a personal home page or may be used as wallpaper on your personal computer desktop.The files containing the work may not be distributed by you, either gratis or for money or in trade, to any other individual.
  2. The Work may not be altered (including resizing) or used in the creation of another graphic or derivative work without prior permission from Melinda Hoehn.
  3. The Work may not be printed. If you wish to purchase a card or a print, please e-mail me.
  4. When one or more of the images contained within this collection is used on a personal home page, I require acknowledgement in the form of a link back to My Website. A text link is acceptable and should be placed directly under or beside the image, but if you prefer to use a graphic link (a button or banner), you can find several to choose from by clicking HERE and should place this graphic on the same page as my image(s). Also, please send courtesy e-mail to Lindy with your url so that I can take a peek :).
  5. I acknowledge that everyone in this country has the right to freedom of expression. However, my site is family-friendly and I do not link to X-rated sites (one or several X's), or sites which support hatred and violence. My work may not be used on such a site.

By clicking on the "Enter" button below, your choice to agree to the terms and conditions of this license is noted.

I look forward to seeing your work. Enjoy!

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