There is a wind rising in my heart
Bright & high enough for the eagle inside
To turn somersaults
To blink & turn
To swim & glide toward
some luminous destiny
Ensconced in the curves of a conch
washed clean by the ravenous sea

There are songs I know
I cannot sing in this world
Songs that are not familiar with walls and fallings
Songs that grow feathers from the inside out
Songs that curve the tide back in on itself
And shift the shoreline to a different path

I sing these songs of air & sea
Searching for the wind & wave
Salty & free in my mouth
Finally forming the words
That will give birth to the wind in my heart.


Heartwind ©1987 by Ginger-lyn Summer
MySuna Background ©1999 Melinda Hoehn
All Rights Reserved

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