The Sweet Loaf

by elizabeth perdomo
(Dedicated to my friend, Ken Moberg, who now has Three Teenagers....)

Do you remember our youth...
when we were all justice & no mercy?

We were all ideas
but wisdom had no where dawned?

Now, as we grey
pieces of wisdom have seeped into our bones
& we have wrestled with the sides of things
sometimes to win,
sometimes to lose.

We have found both reason & necessity
for mercy,
formerly so scorned

But our bones move slower now
our fingers often ache
& what we have planted & gleaned

We must now share

What we have harvested we must feed
to the next ones...
The ones issued from our own bodies
& the others...the youth
placed by God in our lives

Let them eat with us now.

Come a time they will scorn our gardens
& come a time they may reject our wheat
& leave our bread behind

They may wander far...

But will return one day,
guided by memory,
like the scent of fresh loaves baking

& of wheat so sweet
that it melts in the mouth
like honey...

They will come home to true things...

Like we did.

They will come home
to the table
later on.

Thanks to SeaShell for the bar.
Poem "The Sweet Loaf" 1996 Elizabeth Perdomo. Used with Permission.
Concept, all other graphics and html authoring 1998 Melinda Hoehn.

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